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Groundbreaking News! We are now also offering Discounted Domestic Shipping in addition to International

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Hand Carry Courier Services

DHL is the number one express carrier in the world with the most destinations.  This is why we've partnered with them at My Missionary Shipping.  However, there are still some things that are beyond DHL's control.  There are a handful of countries around the world that due to those countries Customs Clearance policies we just can't ship to with DHL.  Up till now we had to decline acceptance of those packages to those countries Missionaries.  

  It has always been our commitment to continue to improve upon our capabilities to successfully service more Missionaries families sending packages around the world.  The proof of our follow up to this commitment is the addition of the domestic services with discounted postage rates with the USPS's Priority 1 to 3 day service and now with the addition of a brand new sister company to MMS which is My Missionary Courier.  Through this new service we have partnered with the best in class hand carry couriers servicing their destination countries.  We currently offer hand carry services to Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Peru.  We are always on the lookout for more partner couriers who would be a good fit for us to offer even more dates, destinations, and best in class service.  If you know of any other courier services that might be a good fit for us please let us know.  If you currently offer courier services and are interested in a partnership with us, please get in touch.  There are still a few other countries that we can't offer DHL services to and also don't have courier services that we know of.  We are looking for help into Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Russia still.  Again, if you know of anyone in these locations that can help, or even anyone that might be interested in starting their own courier services with ties to these destinations we would love to open a conversation with them.