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Discounted Domestic Shipping Rates through the United States Postal Service
If you don't have to pay full price for the same service, why would you?
(For returning customers, please scroll down this page till you see the member log in portal to log into your system.)

My Missionary Shipping is very pleased to finally be able to bring you a discounted domestic shipping service.  We are (to our knowledge) the first and only shipping company specializing in shipping to Missionaries now offering Domestic and International discounted shipping options to customers in all 50 States.  This makes My Missionary Shipping the only truly Global Missionary Shipping company on the planet!

Steps to start the process 

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  • Register for a free membership. (use a link at the top or bottom of any page.)
  • Click on the "Domestic" tab at the top and bottom of any page. Scroll down to the automated "Account Request Form" for first time visitors.  Fill out the form and submit it to be set up with your Domestic Shipping Portal Membership.
  • You will receive an email back from My Missionary Shipping with your confirmation of membership completion.  At that time you will be able to log into the shipping portal.
  • Follow the provided tutorial of how to log into the shipping portal and get your rate  and also how  process your domestic shipments. 
  • Once completed the shipping label will pop up on your computer.  
  • Print it out, and attach it to your box.
  • You then have several options, you can either give it to any mail person you see, or schedule a free pickup directly with the USPS right from your home or business, or you can drop it off at any US Post Office.  (If you choose to drop it off, no standing in line is necessary, since it already has it's shipping label and the postage is pre-paid, you only need to walk to the counter and give it to a Postal worker, say thank you and walk away.
  • Payment for your shipment will be done automatically through InXpress.
  • Please fill out this form and submit it to request your free membership and access to your shipping portal.

    We also understand if you are uncomfortable submitting this information through this embedded form due to the fact that we ask for your payment information in the form.  Here is a link to the same form but on a stand alone format that you can also see has the security showing on the page.

    Members Log in to the Domestic Shipping Portal Here.
    If you don't have a username and password yet please fill in the membership request form below.



    ON December 28, 2016 there is a new user interface for all domestic customers. 
    The new video tutorial showing how to use the new system is below.

    The most common hang up with the new system is making sure to choose the service level. This is what it will look like, There are two service levels to choose from:

    Priority (1-3 Days)  &

    Express (Overnight)

    The video below will show you a "Quick Start" for shipping in your new USPS Shipping system.

    This video below gives you an overall review for the entire shipping system.

    See some Rate Comparisons toward the bottom of this page.

    Rate Comparison Examples

    Here is an example of a box that we sent to our son on a Mission In Oregon.  We used one of the free Medium flat rate boxes provided by the USPS. The example on the left shows what

    we would have paid if we took our box to the Post Office and paid them there $12.65.  The example on the right shows what we paid through the discounted rates with My Missionary Shipping. $5.66.  The service level is the USPS's Priority (1 to 3 days) service.

    This example is for a package that our Missionary sent back home to us.  We created the shipping label and just emailed it to him to print out, attach it to his box and drop it off to the post office.  It cost him nothing but our cost for it was $57.63.  The image on the right shows what it would have cost if he had taken it to the post office and paid for it there.  $78.95