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Contact Information

My Missionary Shipping, LLC.

Todd Hebdon / Owner

Corp. Phone: [801] 901-0467

Cell Phone: [480] 242-8455

Email: Todd@MyMissionaryShipping.com

Alt. Email: MyMissionaryShipping@gmail.com

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat: 9am-3pm AZ Time

Sun: Closed

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Business Hours:
Mon - Sat. 9:00am to 3:00pm Arizona Time
Sun - Closed
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**If you are experiencing trouble logging into the rate quote tool to the right here.** The most common mistake is accidentally adding an additional space either just before or after the actual username and or password when they copy it from the example shown below.  There are no spaces either before or after the actual username or password.  There is one space between the "Quote$" and "Only" but that is the only space anywhere.   It IS also case sensitive.  If you carefully copy and paste the info exactly as it's shown and log in, it WILL work.  Also, some people are telling me Firefox browser doesn't seem to work real well on their systems with my rate quote tool.  Try using Chrome it may work better.

International with DHL

Interested in our services? If you just have a question or concern, you can use the form for that below, or just send me an email directly to Todd@MyMissionaryShipping.com


Steps to start the process

  1. Scroll down to the automated Rate Quote tool to log in and get your rate.  (A tutorial is provided to instruct you how.) Please enter ONLY the info instructed to from the tutorial, nothing more, nothing less.
  2. If you like the rate and want to proceed, come back to this same page on our website.  Underneath the rate quote tool you will find a "Process My Shipment Form".  Fill it in and submit it when completed.
  3. You will receive an email with your shipping documents attached and final instruction sheet to finalize everything on your end. 
  4. You then can schedule your pickup with DHL or if you so choose, drop it off at an authorized DHL location.
  5. I'll need your credit card information for the payment of our services.  This is a one time process.  Your info will be kept in an encrypted secured file for all future shipments with us.

** Finally, In case your package happens to be one of the few that we process that does incur additional duties and taxes you can choose to pay for those  additional charges yourself rather than having them paid at the destination before your package can be delivered.  We will simply charge the credit card you provide the additional amounts.**(NOTE)** (There is an additional $10.00 non refundable fee if you choose this option, even if no additional duties or taxes are assessed.)  Just choose Yes or No to let me know how you would prefer.**


Please also allow me up to 24 hours to respond.  Most of the time I'll be able to get back to you very quickly however once in a while things get crazy! One more thing, please make sure you can accept emails from todd@mymissionaryshipping.com so my replies don't go to your spam folders.

  Thanks again!  Todd


Please click on the black button below before trying to log into the rate quote tool.  This is the tutorial that will walk you through the process to get your quoted shipping rate.

log in below to get your free rate quote. 
Copy and paste the username and password below to log in. (**VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND**) this is only a quoting tool.  It is not meant to process your shipping request.  Do not save your quotes as they will not be able to be processed here.  This is only meant to get a rate and that is it, once you have your rate come back to this page and fill out the "Process My Shipment Form" found just below the log in for the rate quote tool.

Username is:  quotes@mymissionaryshipping.com

Password is: Quote$ Only 




If you are a new first time customer,  I always recommend to call DHL directly at (800) CALL-DHL, then ask to speak to a representative to make sure all the items you want to send are OK to send to your destination country.  They have all the most current regulations at the tips of their fingers.  This extra little 5 minute step every time you send a package will be a huge tool for you to not only make sure all the items you want to send are OK to send but they also won't require any additional certifications or documentations upon arrival and clearing customs.

If for some reason the form submission doesn't work above,
please click on the button below to be taken to an alternate form.