My Missionary Shipping

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Mobile Device Users

If you arrived at this ​website on your mobile device: 

1.  This website in designed to best function with a full screen computer. 

**​   HOWEVER ​**​

2.  You're in luck! No need to stand in line to ship your package! 
3.  All you need to fully process your package to its destination, can be done from your home computer
(DHL will send a driver to your home to pick up the package/s. (in the areas DHL offers this option)

At home, you will need:
* A measuring tape of any kind, to measure the dimensions of your box.
* An accurate bathroom scale.

(To simplify weighing a large box: weigh yourself, step off & pick up your box, weigh again. The difference is the weight of your box!)




Here is how the process works:

  Once you are at from a computer then at the top of the page, just click on the tab on the website that says "International" then log into the automated rate quote tool to get your rate.  Then go back to my website's "International page and continue to scroll down that page underneath the rate quote log in till you see the "Process My Shipment Form."  Fill this in and submit it to us.  This will give us all the information we need to be able to process your shipping documents.  We will then process your shipping documents and send those back to you as PDF attachments to my email along with an instruction sheet.  That sheet will give you step by step instructions you need to finalize everything on your end and it will give you a phone number to call DHL or the link to schedule your pickup online, right at your doorstep.  Then I'll just need your credit card for the payment and that's all there is to it.