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Another awesome day at MMS!

Well, I just wanted to let you all know some quick little facts.  MMS has been in business for about 13 months now and boasts about 1150 members.  We've shipped just over 2000 shipments around the world and we are the ORIGINATOR  and founder of shipping to Missionaries around the world the way we do it.  Make no mistake we ARE the #1 company on the internet shipping to  international Missionaries.

is right around the corner, special Christmas shipping information will be coming shortly, please be watching your emails for it soon.

Thanks again to all my awesome customers for your continued support.


The concept is simple, you supply the box and all the contents you would like to send to your missionary or loved one internationally and we provide a fast, inexpensive safe way to do it.  We've partnered exclusively with Pro Star Logistics an authorized provider of DHL TM The worlds largest global express parcel carrier. DHL TM has been In business for over 40 years now. With our partnership we service over 120,000 destinations worldwide in over 220 countries.  We can deliver to the doorstep of most destinations worldwide in 2 to 4 business days. With our large group buying power we're able to negotiate unheard of discounts we turn around and offer our members.  About 50% or more off list prices of other similar carriers. The best part is in most cases we'll even pick it up right from your doorstep, and that's included in the cost I'll quote you.

Steps to start the process

  1. Register for a free account (use a link at the top or bottom of any page)
  2. Fill out the quote request form (found under the "Free Rate Quote" tab at the top and bottom of any page)
  3. You will receive an email with your quote and further instructions to send your package.
  4. Reply to the emailed quote you receive,  with a confirmation you would like to proceed.
  5. You will receive an email with your shipping documents attached and final instruction sheet to finalize everything on your end. 
  6. You then can schedule your pickup with DHL or if you so choose, drop it off at an authorized DHL Location
  7. Finally I'll need your credit card information for the payment of our services.

  • HOLY COW!  Mom I can't believe you got that through Customs!
    HOLY COW! Mom I can't believe you got that through Customs!
HOLY COW!  Mom I can't believe you got that through Customs!
HOLY COW! Mom I can't believe you got that through Customs!