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Groundbreaking News! We are now also offering Domestic & Hand Carry Services in addition to International

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Now Servicing Domestic Shipping
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 From day one of starting My Missionary Shipping I have received questions in regards to domestic shipping services. Then something very personal happened to our family. Almost a year and a half ago my own son was called to serve as a Missionary in Oregon.  So, overnight my focus was expanded now to include the shipping plight of the domestically serving Missionary families. So, I started to look into several different options with other carriers. Each with their own set of pros and cons. I came to the conclusion that most of the Mission Offices recommend to their Missionary families that they use the USPS. One of the biggest reasons is because they have the option of either keeping the package there in the Mission Offices when it arrives or forwarding the package directly to the Missionaries apartments,if they live too far out to pick it up( for no extra charge) . So, through my partnership with Pro Star Logistics we've been able to negotiate discounted rates with the USPS's Priority (1 to 3 days) service. We provide a completely automated system that will allow our customers to literally sit down at their computers, log into the system, generate their discounted pre-paid shipping labels, and print them right from their computer's printer to be attached to their package in minutes. Please help us out by spreading the word to all of your family, friends, Ward/Stake members, etc. who may have a domestically serving Missionary of our new service with the same great company you've been using for your international packages. It would be great if you could also help us out by posting this news on any FB Missionary groups you may be on or any other Social Media.  Even though we've been around for a couple of years and are #1 in internationally shipping to Missionaries,  we are just beginning domestically and we need your help to help us grow. 


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The concept is simple, you supply the box and all the contents you would like to send to your missionary or loved one internationally or domestically and we provide a fast, inexpensive safe way to do it.  We've partnered exclusively with Pro Star Logistics an authorized provider of DHL TM and the USPS.  DHL is the worlds largest global express parcel carrier. DHL TM has been In business for over 40 years now. With our partnership we service over 120,000 destinations worldwide in over 220 countries.  We can deliver to the doorstep of most destinations worldwide in 2 to 4 business days. With our large group buying power we're able to negotiate unheard of discounts we turn around and offer our members.  About 50% or more off list prices of other similar carriers. The best part is in most cases we'll even pick it up right from your doorstep, and that's included in the cost I'll quote you.  

Steps to start the process (International)

  1. Register for a free membership. (use a link at the top or bottom of any page.)
  2. Click on the "International" tab at the top and bottom of any page. Scroll down to the automated Rate Quote tool to log in and get your rate.  (A tutorial is provided to instruct you how.)
  3. If you like the rate and want to proceed, go back to that same page on our website.  Underneath the rate quote tool you will find a "Process My Shipment Form".  Fill it in and submit it when completed.
  4. You will receive an email with your shipping documents attached and final instruction sheet to finalize everything on your end. 
  5. You then can schedule your pickup with DHL or if you so choose, drop it off at an authorized DHL location.
  6. I'll need your credit card information for the payment of our services.  This is a one time process.  Your info will be kept in an encrypted secured file for all future shipments with us.

Steps to start the process (Domestic)

  • Register for a free membership. (use a link at the top or bottom of any page.)
  • Click on the "Domestic" tab at the top and bottom of any page. Scroll down to the automated "Account Request Form" for first time visitors.  Fill out the form and submit it to be set up with your Domestic Shipping Portal Membership.
  • You will receive an email back from My Missionary Shipping with your confirmation of membership completion.  At that time you will be able to log into the shipping portal.
  • Follow the provided tutorial of how to log into the shipping portal and get your rate  and also how  process your domestic shipments. 
  • Once completed the shipping label will pop up on your computer.  
  • Print it out, and attach it to your box.
  • You then have several options, you can either give it to any mail person you see, or schedule a free pickup directly with the USPS right from your home or business, or you can drop it off at any US Post Office.  (If you choose to drop it off, no standing in line is necessary, since it already has it's shipping label and the postage is pre-paid, you only need to walk to the counter and give it to a Postal worker, say thank you and walk away.
  • Payment for your shipment will be done automatically through Pro Star Logistics.
  • Click here to sign up to receive additional news and information from My Missionary Shipping.

    • HOLY COW!  Mom I can't believe you got that through Customs!
      HOLY COW! Mom I can't believe you got that through Customs!